3 must need wardrobe outfit: Make them use in multiple way

3 must need wardrobe outfit: Make them use in multiple way

T- shirts

Tie a cute little knot at the front with your t-shirt and normally you would tie it in many different ways but the best which looks great is to just take the two sides of your t-shirt cross it over and then twist it over and use one of the twisty ends and just wrap it around the other twisted end and that way you create it like a perfect kind of like a messy but not really messy kind of like try-hard looking thing well it’s actually really simple.

Turn your boring white t-shirt into the best. First you need to tie the t-shirt into a knot it doesn’t have to look perfect even just use an elastic and then just use a simple hair scarf around the knot. Just tuck the knot just once. Tuck the knot or fold it inwards and then just use the remaining scarf up to tie up a nut or a bowtie. You can also experiment with different accessories and a lot of different attires.

Dress into skirts 

Turn your simple dress into a skirt. Say for example you really really like the pattern of a dress but they don’t come in a skirt format. Then one thing you can do is simply unzip the dress. What you want to do is just fold it inwards down and basically stop at the point where your waist begins and pat it down smooth on the inside.

Denim bottoms 

If your denim jeans are a bit too large for you around the waist. All you would need is like a string of some kind so you can take like a shoelace or even some ribbons. So what you have to do is take the string and loop it around the back three belt hoops and then you tie it into a bow tie and then once you have the bow tie all you would need to do is flip it inside and tuck it into your denims.

If you want it to be more undetectable so in this case you use a string that’s the same colour or close to the same colour as your denim bottom depending on how loose the waist was. To begin with it might look a little scrunched up near the back but then you can just throw a belt over it and it’s gonna hide all the scrunch down.

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