Women based true story everyone must watch: Hidden figures

Women based true story everyone must watch: Hidden figures
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This movie shows the power the women have to stand up for themselves. Dorothy, Mary and Katharine achieved their goals because of their Intrepidity. For instance the scene where Katherine Johnson stood up for herself. And started yelling at everyone at the computer management. Crying a bit, and then goes back to neutral with a simple “Thank you” and also the scene where she wasn’t allowed to join the meeting.

When Mary fight her corner in the court. These women not just vanquished the racial discrimination but also the male chauvinism. Even the boss (the white man) helped the women because he saw the potential in them to do their best in the given fields.

Another thing that I liked about the movie. Was though most of their time and energy go to their careers, the women of Hidden Figures don’t take their relationships with each other and with their friends and families for granted.

At the end, there are a couple of unpleasant scenes reminding the audience of the ridiculousness of race segregation in the 1960s, but overall the mood is pretty uplifting and optimistic.

This is what should be shown in schools. This is the message we need to continue sending out  –

women empowerment, equality, equity, teamwork among everyone is success.

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