The popular show on Netflix: Stranger things show based on sci-fi

The popular show on Netflix: Stranger things show based on sci-fi
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A very fun and refreshing show. I think it’s the best show. Intense respect towards the retro factor of shows that take place in the 80s. But it has incredible world building. It isn’t afraid to move forwards through growing up and learning new things. While at the same time the main focus of the story through each season is always linked, but not too restricted.

Any character that has somewhat of an impact on the story isn’t just a television trope. (For example, Steve isn’t the bland popular boy with no personality and gets some development of his own, Billy isn’t just the new bully in town to terrorise people, Max isn’t a girl to replace Eleven or show more representation etc.) They’re all equally developed on their own, and they all end up having a chance to have part of their story aired.

Not only is the acting beautiful, the story itself tugs at the heart strings and you heavily empathise with all the characters in distress because they’ve been developed so well that you actually feel for and care about them. A sci-fi horror series with monsters, mayhem, and teenagers may not immediately spell out female empowerment, but that description doesn’t even scratch the surface of what this show entails.

With Millie Bobby Brown at the forefront as Eleven  a young girl who escaped the lab where she was experimented on  she represents everything you wished you were at her age. A strong, vulnerable, accepting, and powerful young woman.Sure, we may not have been able to move things with our minds growing up, but it would have been nice to be even half as cool as Eleven is on Stranger Things. She’s the hero we needed back then and still need now.

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