The Indian matchmaking Netflix show- Thoughts

The Indian matchmaking Netflix show- Thoughts
Image Credit- Netflix

This show actually portrays the dynamics of Indian families, their wishes, and the engagement of the bride & groom. The selection procedure is the expectation of many affluent families for the future addition to their family.

This show is not like other Romantic shows because it doesn’t present love as a deep connection. Disconnected from superficially (the first) or liberate sex from the consequences of love and marriage (the second). The show is kind of stressful because it confronts us with our own loneliness. Presents marriage as a solution and accomplishment, but then reveals the process of getting there to be an exercise in self-erasure.

At the same time, it shows how (Indian) females are independent today. And are making one of the biggest decisions of their life without any family pressure or influence.

They are waiting to find their own ground, make a living, and focus on their careers without succumbing to the societal pressure to get married or have kids.

They are not ready to compromise. Instead of finding a “husband”, they are looking for a “partner” who can support them to keep their own identity and help each other to learn and grow together.

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