OTT Platforms and Cinema: Demand of OTT is now on top

OTT Platforms and Cinema: Demand of OTT is now on top

With millions stuck inside their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic, watching a movie in the theatre has definitely become a distant dream.  Here comes in the concept of OTT platforms.

What is OTT?

OTT in broadcasting is Over The Top content.  It is the concept of delivering media over the internet without the involvement of multimedia operating systems in the distribution of the content.

Apart from everything else, this lockdown has definitely taught us the importance of OTT platforms in our lives.

In recent times the OTT platform has doubled in almost every aspect.

So what is the reason for this sudden attraction towards these platforms.

Well why not, at minimal cost you have access to tons of movies and Web series. Without having to take the pains of traveling all the way to the theatres and spending those extra bucks just for one movie. This pandemic has definitely given rise to a strong competition between theatres and OTT platforms. The biggest loss is borne by the film industry which is currently surviving with zero revenue.

These OTT platforms have created a degree of convenience for its viewers which the cinema could not. You can watch a movie, series, a documentary or an original anywhere anytime, and due to this very reason Cinema fails to catch up.

But the only thing OTT platforms cannot beat is the viewing experience. Imagine watching your favourite actors movie in a theatre and the hall erupts into laughter on that one famous dialogue, nothing can match this feeling.

Most of us are attracted towards the OTT platforms so the cinema and theatres have to put in extra efforts to bring the audience back to the theatres. Only then can it survive.

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