Money heist review: Best drama and weekend show

Money heist review: Best drama and weekend show

In the first season we have eight robbers plus their leader called the professor who takes over a mint in Madrid. This isn’t a straightforward high show. There is a lot involved in both the heist itself, the characters involved and both the cops and the robbers side of the whole story. We have got our robbers all named after different cities. Names are- Tokyo, Rio, Helsinki, Nairobi, Oslo, Moscow, Denver, and Berlin and again our leader is called the professor. And they are all very different and interesting characters. 

We have seasoned vets with new up and comers, we have got people in that middle ground, we have got those crazier types of people, calm cool collected. All sorts of people can be seen in this little group and you have your professor who is a very smart, meticulous individual. On the police side of course you have got Raquel who was the main negotiator and her partner angel as well as some other people within. And then you have got your hostages.

This show, it starts off with us meeting Tokyo and a lot of it is told from her perspective, she is our narrator throughout the whole show and so you can consider her as being our main character because we do get the most information from her insights to the characters, insights of the heists, insights to a lot of different other things. Thought process, so on and so forth.

 All the actors in here are really good. Anybody who’s given something to do it does it very well. The professor who does play this socially awkward, meticulous, genius because really when this plan unfolds you get to see how much of a genius he is and obviously all the characters with all different types of personalities really played very well.

There are a total 4 seasons of money heist, Each of them has the  best suspense and narrative. Must watch this full package of drama.

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