Every teenager should watch this show ‘sex education’

Every teenager should watch this show ‘sex education’

Sex Education is so much more than its title suggests. There are racy and risque scenes throughout. But this show focuses more on how sex affects teenagers socially and psychologically.

It’s never judgmental about  anyone’s sexuality or desires and instead. Insists upon teaching people that its okay to feel the way you do. And it’s okay to be confused and teaches us how to deal with those feelings.

We can learn a lot from the show. As in how they journey into their sexual orientations, overcoming every possible embarrassing, hilarious, and sometimes traumatic experience. All of which helps them evolve into unique sexual personalities. Also shows about sex therapy,  most people are shy to go them but you must watch it how it’s important to take advice from them.

Light, funny and educating in many ways. This show educates and updates you on 21st century sex appeals. And its equivalent confusions that form the basis of shaping a teenager’s early years, thus impacting the adulthood they dive into.

It allows you to accept your flaws and conveys the message that no one is perfect yet everyone is beautiful in their own skin hence teaching us the most important message that we need to grow out of our insecurities and step over our traumatic past!

It covers several sensitive topics that you might have missed out on in your education.

Is an informative path not just for teenagers but also for adults who need to understand. Be supportive of their younger ones. The effects of changes they go through growing up.

Sex education should start from teenagers.  Let make them comfortable with it  show them what  exactly it is. Tell them about sex, birth, safe sex, etc.

Don’t put them in any confusion. This type of unawareness can put them in trouble.

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