Do you need Godfather in industry: Story of Monal Gujjar

Do you need Godfather in industry: Story of Monal Gujjar
Image Credit- Wikimedia Commons

Monal Gujjar, who recently co-starred with Pankaj Tripathi, made her Hindi film debut. She shared her life experience statement, saying that she didn’t learn any acting but that she has been through many ups and downs in her life.

She also stated that becoming an actor does not mean that you just need to have those acting skills. But you have to go through the character, and one should be engrossed in the character so much. That is, it must be felt in your heart, and only then will you be able to get the character perfectly well. She shared her childhood experience, saying it was really hard for her family to make ends meet.

Her entire adolescence was spent working. Her sister was married when she was in Big Brother 4’s house, she added. She couldn’t even attend her wedding. Her father died when she was very young, leaving her as the only family member earning money. She did a survey job and also worked in banks. Afterwards, she started modeling, and after that, slowly, success was what she achieved.

There were many people suggesting many options to get into this field. “I was told that either your father should be someone big or you need to have a godfather to get into acting.” She said in her case, both options were not possible. But she said that she was quite sure about her role. So she didn’t step backward and kept on walking.

She is proud of herself today. Monal has done Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati and Marathi films.

Last month, she came out of BB-4 Telugu, where she was among the top 6 contestants. She was also a judge for Dance+ in Telugu.

Her experience was really inspiring. The struggle from childhood until now has been unbelievable. One can achieve their goals if they can relate to themselves and gain confidence from acting out their struggles while remaining true to their work. There is no need for a godfather in the industry.

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