Top 6 weird urban cultures around the world

Top 6 weird urban cultures around the world
Image Credit- Pinterest

Tokyo rockabillies- Japan is the creator of this strangest urban culture in the world. Dressed in leather jackets, resembling a motorcyclist, strange hairstyles, and a rockstar attitude. Their sub culture is the perfect example that some fashions never die. Only disappear for a while and come again with a new style.

Mexican pointy shoes- in the city of metahula, Mexico a sub culture is created around this new practice. The reason for its popularity is the tribal music which is very unique.

Gyaru- some cultures are created through culture exchange through the media and internet. This phenomenon in spite of being positive also influences negatively in the cultural identity.

Gothic fashion- the influence of music is manifested in creation of urban cultures such as the gothics. The fashion includes dyed black hair, dark lipstick and dark clothing.

Juggalos- pretend to be mudarist, influenced by the music insane clown posse or any other psychopathic records.

Lolitas- these are popular and are spread in several countries around the world with specific characteristics.

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