Top 5 Motorcycle Tours of India

Top 5 Motorcycle Tours of India
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Everybody needs to escape sometimes. The desire to drop all ties and obligations, head out onto the open road, and reconnect with what is natural. And what better way to get back in touch with your wild side than to brave the forces of nature on a motorbike, with whomever you would like – solo, as a couple, or with friends. Motorcycle trip offer the feeling of freedom, speed and adventure.

Few countries in the world are as diverse and as vibrant as India. Steeped in lively culture, rich history, and unique landscapes, the country carves a lasting impression on every traveler’s heart.

The intimate experience of witnessing the picturesque beauty of India, while riding its stunning routes, practically overloads the senses. If you too have a soul passionate for thrilling adventures, Indian Motorcycle Tours are the way to go.

 The best five motorcycle tours of India we’re going to talk about below are legendary as far as motorcycle tours are concerned with scenic winding bends across mountain ranges, through rainforests, Thar Desert & Sea.  Book unique motorcycle tours and vacations with top local guides & experienced Motorcycle Tour Company of India to get true value of your money.

 1.  Rajasthan – The Land of Regal Warrior

A long, golden stretch of sand, shifting sand dunes, salty marshlands, rocks and hillocks and sporadic shrubbery…the magic of Rajasthan’s desert lies in its diverse and varied landscape.

Rajasthan is an incredible destination for motorbike rider & no doubt biking is the best way to explore its some of the most interior landscapes of fascinating authentic villages, secret trails, historical forts, opulent palaces, unforgettable encounters and scenes of everyday life. Our designed Rajasthan motorbike tour carefully blends the challenge of motorcycling with the cultural and rural experience that you encounter here. The variety of this unique itinerary will transport you into a timeless Rajasthan enhanced by highly colourful encounters. Join us for a Motorcycle tour in Rajasthan that you will leave you mesmerized. Explore old forts, ancient temples and grand palaces that have withheld the test of time as you ride through the sandy stretches of Thar Desert to the sturdy Aravalli mountain range.

 2.  South India Motorcycle Tour- The Spice Route & Golden Beaches

We offer you a total South India / Kerala Motorcycle Tour Experience – the enchanting beaches, the mesmerizing backwaters, the rolling hills, the virgin tropical forests, the unique culture and dance forms and the healing power of Ayurveda and yoga. This Motorcycle Holiday is ideal for motorbike rider who is looking for a challenge with stunning scenic beauty and a variety of landscapes. We will ride through the best of South India whilst enjoying many highlights of Kerala along the way. Literally, Kerala means, “the land of coconuts”. “Kera” in Malayalam (the language of Kerala) means coconut and you can find coconut trees everywhere.  We help you rediscover nature and heritage with true local knowledge, friendliness and a dedication to planning your trip the way YOU want it – with a strong commitment to protecting the environment.

 3.  Ladakh- Explore High Passes, Lakes & ancient Monasteries

Ladakh is known as the land of high passes and is considered a Mecca for motorcyclists across the globe. There is nothing quite like riding over the beautiful Himalayan mountains on the iconic Royal Enfield.  It is no doubt you will find it on every motorbike enthusiast’s list. This Motorcycle adventure trip is for people who usually travel by motorbike and ready to adapt to any situation & a must-do tour for every true travel lover. Biking through some of the most breathtaking, challenging and awe-inspiring landscapes found on Earth which is full of the arid canyons, deep valleys, snow capped mountain ranges, verdant greens and beautiful lakes, breathing in the fresh mountain air, exploring the flora and fauna is a thrilling experience.  We can say that is a once in a lifetime tour and a must for all. There are 8 vacancies per ride and we also permit pillion riders. Come & live your dream of riding Royal Enfield 500cc Motorbike in the Himalayas with most experienced Guides & company.

 4. Himachal Pradesh – Hidden Route of Heavenly Himalayas

Himachal Pradesh is dotted with numerous hill stations and sights of attraction that boasts snow-covered mountains, lush green valleys, oak & pine covered forests, pristine environs and natural peace. Legendary Moto Rides brings you the experience of riding off the beaten track in Himachal Pradesh. In this Motorcycle tour you will explore the best of Himachal Pradesh & its hidden beauty from the underground waters to the peak of mountains, Himalayas has blessed Himachal with great natural riches. We delightfully welcome all nature lovers to explore remote part of Himachal Pradesh on our specially discovered motorbike trek.

 5.  Uttarakhand – Beginning of Holy Rivers

Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful northern states of India that enthralls everyone with its spectacularly scenic landscapes. In Uttarakhand Motorcycle tour you enjoy riding of legendary Royal Enfiled 500cc Motorcycle & explore all charming hill stations juxtaposed against snow-capped peaks, quaint villages along winding mountain roads, serpentine rivers carving their way through hills. This Motorbike Trip takes the rider to explore the lesser known places and discover hidden & seemingly impossible routes in your own backyard. So, now it’s time to explore the beautiful Uttarakhand on Motorbike and experience the adventure and untouched pristine beauty of nature.

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