Pond Worship Of Rajasthan

Pond Worship Of Rajasthan
Image Credit- Balotranewstrack

Introduction – The tradition of worshiping ponds has been going on in Rajasthan for many years. Which we also call “Samadar Hilora” in the Rajasthani language. In this, both brother and sister worship the pond together. And the sister worships her brother and Prays for long life. The brother takes blessings by giving him a gift and by covering him with a chunri.

When is it celebrated – This event is held on the day of Hariyali Ekadashi, in which people of 36 villages gather, this festival is started by the head of the village.

What is Samdar Hilora – Brother and sister stir it by putting a pot in the water of the pond, according to tradition it is called Samdar Hilora, which pots After the pot is filled with water, it is raised on the head, and the brother feeds the water from the pot to the sister with his own hand. And it is accomplished by circumambulating the pond by the sister.

Worship– In this people are enthusiastic from the first ray of the sun, in which brothers and sisters worship the pond, here Ghungri Matar is offered is planted, after which the brothers and sisters feed each other with water. And take blessings from brothers and sisters.

Customs– This festival is celebrated with great fanfare in Rajasthan, people of every class celebrate it according to their customs. The pots brought to stir the pond are the center of attraction, engraved on the pots The artwork fascinates the people, while the women sing traditional Rajasthani songs with enthusiasm to shake the sea. Discharges Pampra.

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