Kajli Teej: a centuries old tradition

Kajli Teej: a centuries old tradition
Image Credit- unsplash

When is it celebrated: Teej is a festival celebrated in India in the month of September based on the lunar cycle. It is celebrated on the third day after the first lunar cycle.

Importance of the festival: Kajli Teej is a Hindu festival. It is one of the three important Teej festivals celebrated, namely Hariyali Teej, Kajli Teej, and Hartalika Teej. As part of this occasion, a pooja takes place for the god Shiva and the goddess Parvati. It is said that the goddess Parvati was successful in marrying the god Shiva after 108 births. This day is observed to pay tribute to selfless love.
In India’s Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar, this occasion is celebrated by women. In the small city of Boondi in Rajasthan, a very essential ritual takes place. During this time, there are also a lot of tourists visiting Boondi.

How is it celebrated: On this day, married women fast and pray for the long, peaceful, and prosperous lives of their husbands. Unmarried women, on the other hand, fast in the hopes of finding a suitable groom. It is also known as “Saatudi Teej.” On this day, the commonly cooked items are chickpeas, rice, wheat, and sattu. Women carry out a pooja followed by the singing of “Lok Geet” (folk songs) and also dance to traditional music. An important part is also sharing stories and enjoying swinging. As a part of this festival, women also perform neem plant and moon poojas. They break their fast only after performing moon puja. 

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