Festivals – A name toward Extinction

Festivals – A name toward Extinction
Image Credit- Times of India Travel | Resham Sengar

Festivals were and are a great occasion on which we all come together to spend quality and fun-loving time with our knowns and relatives and this has been a major part of the Indian culture as India is also symbolized as the land of diverse festivals and this diversity is the source of the strong bond that we share. However, what has been noticed in the last few years is that the craze of these festivals has been declining a lot and somewhere they have been dragged towards the stage of extinction.

Earlier, it was celebrated with full of joy, and people of all age groups together participated in the preparation and execution of them but in the recent past, this has been transformed more into just a holiday rather than an occasion to enjoy and generate the vibe of inclusion.

Cause of extinction


a) Busy Lifestyle – Prioritizing things is important but we need to understand that each thing has its own time. We all are busy with our own lives that thoughts of coming together to celebrate something for enjoyment have been lost.

b) Technology – We have dived so deep into the use of technology that it is very hard to find an escape from it for even a short period and our festivals do not demand them.

c) Showcasing – Earlier there was a time when used festivals as a medium to indulge us as a whole and get time to create a healthy bond among us but in today’s time this has become more of a stage where we can showcase to the world what we have got.

d) Lack of Purity – These Festivals are linked with holy beliefs and demand purity but with time these have become major businesses where the sole idea is to generate money either by deteriorating their purity of them or making them unavailable.

This has been a pride of the nation to be known for its culture and it is a hard time now to save that pride as we have chosen the path of disappearance for them whereas other people around the world still admire what we might have forgotten. From sharing multiple festivals of the different regions on the same day to celebrate the biggest from around the nation’s boundaries, not only us but a huge crowd showed their willingness to get more hands-on with this culture and adopt it because they might find something good in this what we have lost.

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