Famous Traditional Dress Of Rajasthan

Famous Traditional Dress Of Rajasthan

Rajasthani Dress– Rajasthan is a very unique state, different castes reside here.  That’s why diversity is seen in the food, dress, culture, traditions, and customs here.  The costumes of Rajasthan have a glimpse of antiquity and diversity, which is why Rajasthan is also called “Rangilo Rajasthan”.  The people of Rajasthan mostly live in rural areas only.  Both men and women here wear colorful and beautiful costumes to reflect the great atmosphere of the northwest state of India, Rajasthan’s traditional costumes have become famous around the world.

Traditional Rajasthani Dresses for Men 

  1. Turban
  2. Angrakha
  3. Dhoti
  4. Men’s jewelry
  5. Shoes (Mojadiya)


Turban – The turban is tied on the head and is considered the pride of Rajasthan, as the turban is considered a symbol of prestige.  The turban is known by many names, Pag, Pecha, Baga, Wrapto, Fanta, Ghumalo, it is about 5.5 meters long and 40 cm long going to the plate on the head.  Gets wider  Udaipur’s turban and Jodhpur’s safa are very famous, apart from this it is customary to tie different turbans on important occasions.  Like different turbans are worn in war, weddings, festivals, and death.  These princely turbans are Jaswant Shahi, Chudawat Shahi, Bhim Shahi, Uday Shahi, Man Shahi, Rathodi, Hammir Shahi, Amar Shahi, Swaroop Shahi, Raj Shahi, etc.  The size and color of the turbans also differ from region to region.

Angarkha – Angarkha, which can also be called “body protector”, is a full-sleeved, collarless, buttoned kurta with a buttoned fastener, mostly white in color.  It is also known by other names, such as – Bugtari, Achkan, Tansukh, Gaba, Mirzai, Darla, etc. The Meenakari bell tunic is very popular in Rajasthan.

Dhoti – Dhoti is used to cover the lower part of the body.  Dhoti is a piece of cloth and it takes a lot of practice to wear it properly.  Dhoti is used as regular wear, which is usually white in colour.  People also wear silk dhoti with zari border on special occasions.

Men’s Jewelry – In Rajasthan, men also wear many types of jewelry, which are made of many precious metals, such as Murkiya, Bali, Jhale in the ears, Kada in the hands, which is also called Narmukha or Naka according to the shape.  Ring, chain of gold, Sirpesh which is applied on the turban.

Shoes (Mojadiya) – Traditional Rajasthani Mojadiya attracts everyone, Mojadiya is made from sheep, goat, or camel skin (leather), and many types of embroidery are done on it. Rajasthani people wear it under dhoti kurtas, nowadays mojadia is very much liked by Indians as well as foreign tourists. Bhinmal’s Mojadiya is very popular in Rajasthan.

Traditional dresses of Rajasthan for women

  1. Kurti and Kanchli
  2. Ghaghra
  3. Odhni (chunri)
  4. women’s jewelry
  5. jutiya


Kurti and Kanchli – It is a garment worn by Rajasthani women on the upper part of the body, which is known by many names – Kapri, Kurti-Kanchli, Tilka, etc.  A kurti is worn over the kaanchali, in which kaanchali has sleeves while kurti does not.

Skirt– Most  Rajasthani women wear Ghaghra, which is worn from the waist down to the heels, it is a wrap-around garment, which is made by joining cloth buds.  Ghaghra is called by different names in every caste.  The silk ghagra of Jaipur is very famous in Rajasthan.

Odhni (Chunri) – Odhni is the traditional dress of Rajasthan, it is a long piece of cloth, which is worn over the Kurti-Kanchli, Ghaghra.  One corner of the odhani is tucked into the ghagra, while the other part is taken over the head and right shoulder.  There are many colors in Odhni, and on every occasion, there are different colored Odhni castes.  There are many types in Odhni as well – Lungdi, Pomcha, Lehrio, Katki, Chir pomcha, Chunri, Mothda, etc.

Women’s Jewelry – Jewelry works to enhance the beauty of a woman, these jewelry are made of emerald, diamond, gold, silver, precious stones, etc.  Women have more ornaments than men, 1.  Head ornaments – chudaratna, crown, bore, sheeshphool, rakhri and tikka, memad, . |2.  Ear ornaments – Kundal, Karnphool, Peepalpatra, Phooljhumka, Jhela, Pendant, Suraliya.    3. Nose ornaments – Nath, Vari, Chuni, Chop, Besar,  4.  Tooth ornaments -keeping,silent.  5.  Neck ornaments – Necklace, Patralata, Kanthika Tulsi, Bajti, Halro, Hansli, Champkali, Hanshar, Kanthi, Jhalar, Madaliya, Aad, . |  6.  Finger ornaments – mundadi, ring, hand flower,  7.  Foot ornaments – Kada, Bichhiya, Payal, Navri, Tedhad, Nupur, Payjeb, Chhada.  8. Waist ornaments – Kadaura, Tagdi, Mekhla, Satka.  9.  Hand ornaments – bracelet, kada, gokhru, nogri, amla, gajra, bangle, armlet, tadda, keyur, etc.

Jutiya – Jutiya is very popular under the traditional dress of women, Jutiya is also made of leather, which is prepared with delicate embroidery on velvet. Jodhpur shoes are famous not only in Rajasthan but in the whole country, the specialty of Jodhpur shoes is that they are light in weight, soft like flower petals, and attractively embroidered.

Nowadays Rajasthani traditional dresses are very much in trend, it is worn by people of every class.  The royal traditional dress of Rajasthan reflects the regal taste of the hierarchy of the aristocracy.  Even for royalty, nowadays people are very fond of different designed costumes, dresses, safas, jutiyas, etc., which are becoming famous not only in Rajasthan but also in the country and abroad.

Jodhpuri coat-pant has been given the status of national dress.


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