A few lesser known dance forms of india

A few lesser known dance forms of india
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The gaur maria is a dance form originating in Madhya Pradesh also commonly known as the bison dance. This is a tribal form of dance performed in honor of the early humans and their hunting spirit. This dance form is performed with the main props being bamboo stick and bison horns. The men adorn a headgear and the women grace tattoos and bead necklaces. Beating drums are the beauty of this. dance form. The tallaguda marias tribe of south Bastar still performs it at important and joyous occasions.

A beautiful art form lead on only by facial expressions and hand gestures, this is a traditional dance form originating in Kerala. This dance form was traditionally performed in temple theatres specifically by the Chakyar community. They are performed by a single person, hence in monologue format elegantly narrating stories from puranas full of humour and wit in a musical form with dance. The two most used instruments are Mizhavu and Ilthalam.

This dance is also known as Phalun dance, is native to Haryana and is an agricultural folk dance. Predominantly enacted in February and March to celebrate the harvest of the season. It is the dance of joy and leisure for farmers. The traditional song “Phagun aya re, rang bhara re” is sung. And the coordinated beats of daphli nagara and dholak make the performance rather cheerful.

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