Why don’t Indian movies win Oscars? List of some movies who won award

Why don’t Indian movies win Oscars? List of some movies who won award

Bollywood is a large-scale industry. With a count of over 1500 movies every year as compared to the rest of the world India produces the maximum number of movies. But the sad part is that none of our films were strong enough to knock the doors of Oscar Awards.

Although we have and have had some of the most legendary actors like Devanand, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bacchan,  Shahrukh Khan yet in the entire history of 100 years of Bollywood we failed to bag even one Oscar award. Well, many may argue with movies like Slumdog Millionaire, Gandhi or Life of pie, but in reality none of these movies are directed by an Indian Director.In the sphere of entertainment Oscars is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards, in fact in many countries an Oscar win is celebrated just like Olympics and Noble Prize.

 In the entire history of Bollywood only thrice has any Indian movie managed to grab a spot in the top 5:

And those iconic movies were

1.      Mother India (1987)

2.      Salam Bombay (1988)

3.      Lagaan (2001)

And under the direction of foreign directors, 5 of the Indians won an Oscar

1.      Bhanu Athaiya: Best Costume Design

2.      Satyajit Ray: Honorary Award

3.      Resul Pookutty: Best Sound Mixing

4.      A.R.Rahman: Best Original Score 

5.      A.R.Rahman and Gulzar: Best Original Song

However many critics blame the internal politics of the Film Federation of  which is responsible for selecting India for India’s poor performance in Oscars. Mainly due to the reason that under the light of nepotism many deserving movies get sidelined and neglected.

It’s high time we as an audience start supporting actual talent instead of a popular face. And only then can get our movies to be recognized globally.

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