How the Paparazzi culture killed the Princess.

Paparazzi and celebrities go hand in hand. But these folks always tend to forget that they have to stop stretching their arms beyond a point where the celebrity’s nose starts. And this culture does not persist from today or yesterday instead, it has been into working since the earliest of times.

One of the biggest victims of this culture was this lady, Princess Diana!

Princess Diana needs no introduction. But for those who are clueless, she was a member of the British Royal Family, being the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, and the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. She was one of the most beautiful princesses the royal family ever had.

As a kid, Princess Diana was deeply fascinated by fairy tales. And marrying a member of the royal family , especially the prince of Wales, was no less than a fairytale for her. But as they say, the greatest fairytales are the ones that are the darkest.

Even before she was married to prince Charles, the media had started hounding and following her wherever she went. Very soon, she was the center of attention of the entire media community. And by the word entire, I do not just mean the media in the UK, but also that of around the world. People would risk their lives just to capture one glimpse of the future princess. Everyday princess Diana made her way to the front page of the daily. In the beginning, she was clearly fascinated by all the attention that came her way, which was evident in her playful and frisky media encounters, where her big blue eyes were roguishly directed straight into the camera.

She thought it would soon fade away. But instead, like a deathly tumor, it got worse over time. Post her entry into the royal family, things started going downhill. In one such instance, the media secretly followed the royal couple to the Bahamas and took a sneak picture of the pregnant princess. If that was not enough, the next day, they managed to put it on the very front page of a tabloid newspaper. It was as if the media had slid off from the grounds of ethics, humanity and respect. Gradually over the years, they made her life, a living hell. She started getting hassled and certainly looked pissed. Over the time ,she had lost the charm and enthusiasm for the pappz.

What made it even more sickening was the fact that the royal family’s phone lines were secretly taped by the agents of the media and as a result, a phone conversation between Princess Diana and her “then rumored” love interest, was leaked to the local public by a famous newspaper named “The Sun”. In his defense, the editor of the daily, Kelvin MacKenzie, audaciously said that the recordings were in the public interest and that it was his duty to expose the on goings of the royal family to them (the public). Indeed Disgusting !!!!!

There are still a lot of theories revolving around the sudden death of princess Diana. One of them being that it was a conspiracy of the royal family, but the saddest of all and the one that is still believed is that her car was chased down by a bunch of paparazzi and in the entire process there happened to be a severe collision, resulting in her tragic death.

This, so far happens to be one of the most horrendous cases of violation of the press protocol and their elementary ethics and civility.

My heart goes out to her for the fact that she was ultimately a victim of constant hunger of the paparazzi.

And that is the reason I used the reference of the deathly tumor there, because ultimately both had(/and always have)the same fate, Death!!!!

Disgusting beyond words!!!!

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