Home based businesses you can try in 2021: Earn money from home

Home based businesses you can try in 2021: Earn money from home
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  • Online teaching- Online teaching has exploded worldwide and the demand is so high. That a couple of people have sold their business, sold their homes and are doing online teaching full time. And making money in tones. It started with a part time hobey on the side. Now they are actively recruiting other online teachers that will help them out.
  • The required skill is in depth knowledge of a particular subject or topic.To market that type of business a great recommendation would be mainly targeting Facebook ads in geographical areas where there is higher per capita income and make sure that you also have a very strong word of mouth strategy. To get started all you need to have is a good computer, strong internet connection, webcam and mic and you are good to go. 
  • Video editor- One of the top in demand skills in 2020 is video editing. Both video marketing and YouTube are literally limitless. Required skills are to be a perfectionist in final cut Pro, in Adobe premiere. And there are tons of educational videos in youtube where you can learn all the tips and techniques that you need in that job. 
  • Virtual event concierge- There is a lot of buzz right now about the specific skill set. Required skills are strong understanding of how zoom webinar, Google meet and other online meeting software works. And if you know how to run a live event either on Facebook or YouTube, you are now a superstar. To get started you need a super fast computer. A fiber optic internet connection plus an extra internet line, a great webcam and a great microphone. You are good to go. 
  • YouTube manager- Once your YouTube channel starts to grow it quickly becomes overwhelming managing everything. Uploading video, managing the comments and taking care of the entire channel. Required skills are to know the YouTube studio, and to be very detail oriented. For this you will need a fast computer, fiber optic internet and an external hard drive to store all the files.
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