FMCG products had a huge loss in Covid 19

FMCG products had a huge loss in Covid 19
Image Credit- unsplash

Covid 19 a disease revamped the life of every individual. Lockdown being the only solution to stop this widespread disease was adopted, which affected the global economy very badly.

The FMCG sector too has to face these hardships.

As FMCG stands at the fourth position in the Indian economy. The  growth of this sector becomes utmost important.

The main reason for the downfall of this sector mainly is packaging.

The virus can survive on packing materials. So there is more chance of spread of Coronavirus through FMCG products.

This concern was addressed by WHO. And stated that it is safe to receive goods as it has been travelled for a long time.  Exposed through various conditions and different temperatures.

Demand for hygienic products has increased tremendously.  Which covers the loss of the FMCG industry up to some extent.

But, companies are facing logistics and transportation problems. Due to lack of availability of manpower during lockdown in countries. The demand for non-essential commodities has fallen down.

The demand for essential commodities has risen up as people are stocking commodities in lockdown situations. With this regard the ITC claimed to double production of food and personal care products to ensure availability of such products in pandemic.

When we have a look at E-retailers they are suffering huge losses. As the lockdown has shut more than 60 fulfillment centers of E-commerce companies. The companies have huge backlogs of deliveries of essential products in a pandemic crisis.

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