3 side hustles you can do from home: Easy creative work with education

3 side hustles you can do from home: Easy creative work with education
Image Credit- unsplash
  1. 1. Teespring- Teespring is a point on demand platform where you basically just create designs. You don’t need any paid software for this, you can do it completely for free. There are some apps that will help you do the designing. So you don’t have to be an artist or a creative.
  • But you’re just creating catchy, trendy things to put on t-shirts, or mugs, or different articles of clothing. And then you upload it to teespring and it creates a virtual listing. And then people can come and buy it. They pay for the whole thing, teespring prints it and ships it, takes care of customer service and just puts the profit right into your account that you can pay out.
  • This is great because there’s no startup cost. It’s literally just you finding ideas on the internet, creating them and uploading them to teespring. You can spend just an hour after work every day, and you’ll be able to create five or six maybe 10 designs every day. Upload them to teespring and you start compounding this, you do this for a while then you’re gonna have 100 200 300 different designs on teespring while you’re still working your full time job. 

2. Merch by Amazon- Amazon is in everything. Well, they’re also in print on demand. Very similar to teespring. Amazon has a program called merch by Amazon. Now, what’s amazing about this is its non-exclusive. Now the same design that you upload to teespring you can take those designs and upload them to merch by Amazon.

  • Now you’re just gonna get free traffic from people searching on Amazon that are going to be buying those designs as well. Maybe those people don’t know about teespring. So they didn’t see it in teespring. But they did use it on Amazon, double the money. And again this is completely free to start and you can just keep scaling with this and adding more and more designs. 

3. Redbubble- Redbubble is another reputable print on demand company. And again non exclusive. So you can upload the same designs from teespring, merch by Amazon onto redbubble. 

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